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  • Career Horoscope Compatibility

    In vedic astrology,one assesses career by blending the influences of key houses and planets

    There are many choices these days and the pressure to perform we often are led into doing what others are doing, without even thinking twice about what are the native qualities that we are born with.

    A real astrologer can help you to identify your right direction.

    Career Reports which gives you an update and provide you with fact of the future. Know all about your future , your job as revealed by your horoscope

    Graho ki chaal will give you right advice for ,

    ·Report on suitable business or job.

    ·Interested to get promotion

    ·Chances of going abroad

    ·Looking to explore your business

    ·Effect of planet on the same

    ·Chances of promotion

    ·Chances of luxury lifestyle

    ·Any other solution as required

    ·Best possible remedies to get desire result.

    Need to know about yourself or your dear one .

    Consult us for accurate prediction .

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  • Numerology

    Numerology is the Science of Numbers. The word Numerology comes from the Latin word “numerus,” which means number, and the Greek word “logos,” which means word, thought, and expression. The history of numbers is as old as the history of man.
    Within Numerology, your own name is a powerful symbol of your personality and what you can become. Your first name is the most influential part of your whole name. It has a constant effect on your daily life
    Each letter in the English alphabet has a numeric value that is surrounded by certain energies which affect our Happiness, success and the joy of life.
    The purpose of numerology is not to foretell the future, but to provide you with keys to explore and discover your own potentials and destiny.
    Numerology can assist in solving many of our problems and in leading us e path of success.
    Under this Numero Analysis Advise service, you tell us your date of birth and your present full famous name. graho ki chaal will make a detailed study on your lucky number, personality number and name number.We will then give you the best possible adjustments in your name, if required. So, you can create harmony in your name according to numerology and keep gaining thereby.

    Explore your personal numbers, lucky number , change in name with the ancient science of numerology.

    Ours very wast experience has proven that our clients has got name and fame after changing their name . So try and feel the difference in your life.

    ·Can my name be made sync with my lucky number?

    ·How far my name is numerologically correct?

    ·What are my lucky and life path numbers ?

    ·What is the meaning of my basic personality number?

    Consult Now :

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  • Marriage / Maglik Dosha

    Late marriage or mangal dosh ( solution for both )

    To get married and have a successful married life is something that we all look forward to once we grow up, A good marriage can culminate in a better life and on the other hand a Bad married life can ruin you and your family.

    Sometimes everything is well settled even though marriage gets delay , for this particular problem gurudev have excellent remedies where success of marriage is confirm .

    Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of compatibility matching based on nakshatras which is called Ashtakoot milan or simply guna milap.

    Manglik dosh is very much important to consider while matching a Kundali because its delay the marriage of the affected person and create disturbances even after marriage or in the worst cases it may cause the death of the spouse.

    Vedic astrology has witnessed cases of strong Manglik Dosh and the damages done were very high including divorces, death of the spouse.

    There are so many Astrological condition, in which a 'Manglik' person can marry with a 'Non Manglik' person. For eg.


    1. If Mars is placed in one of the Mangala dosha forming houses in the horoscope of the girl and auspicious Jupiter is in a kendra or trikona (first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth ortenth house) then Mangala dosha gets cancelled. The girl is virtuous, will give birth to sons, happy in every manner, talented, wealthy and fortunate.

    2 Mangala Dosha is removed if the dispositor of Mars (lord of the sign where Mars is placed) is in a kendra (square) or trikona (trine) from the Lagna or the Moon

    3If Mars is in Lagna in Aries; or Mars in Sagittarius in twelfth house; or Mars in Scorpio in fourth house; or Mars in Taurus in seventh house; or Mars in Aquarius in eighth house, the Mangala Dosha does not occur.

    4. If Mars is in Lagna in Aries; or Mars in Sagittarius in twelfth house; or Mars in Scorpio in fourth house; or Mars in Taurus in seventh house; or Mars in Aquarius in eighth house, the Mangala Dosha does not occur.

    5. If a strong Jupiter or Venus is in the lagna or seventh house; or Mars is retrograde, debilitated or in an inimical sign, Mangala dosha is eliminated.

    If you are thinking to take this big decision in life graho ki chaal will help you to match your horoscope and will provide you a right solution .

    You can consult for.

    Remedies for quick marriage .

    Match making for mangalik and non-mangalik.

    Future of married life

    Any other question you would like to ask .

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  • Love Astrology Prediction

    Love is the most powerful emotion in the world and its very difficult to define. "Love is an emotion that rules us - Almost 80% of the time".

    Based on the planetary combinations in your chart, your dasa, antardasa and the transits of Jupiter & Saturn, it is possible to analyze the nature and future of your love life. The good & bad periods and the pleasures and downfalls will be predicted along with the necessary remedial measures.

    Our expert astrologer will predict the future of love along with all available remedies so that you will be confidant that your partner will be yours only .

    We provide solution for,

    Will I find My love?

    How to save our Love relationship ?

    Does he/she loves me?

    Solution of husband wife misunderstanding or remedies for strong love between both .

    Will our love get converted into a marriage?

    Will our marriage be successful?

    Will our parents agree?

    Will he/she always love me?

    Will his/her love last for long period or for short period?

    All sort of queries related to love propects are answered by. So, take this astro-service and get a crystal clear picture about your love prospects.

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  • Totke

    Totka is a part of the Indian healing system for ages . It is a simple Solution to solve any problem . there are certain ‘totkas’ which help the person to overcome the negative effects come on the way of his happiness and enables him to get wealth, job, progress, education and to bring out the smooth relations with others even if it is not there in the destiny. These are very simple methods and its only require your faith.

    Just as a person can get incarnation by performing ‘yagya’ (Hawan), the same way, by performing certain ‘totkas’, he can defeat  the negative influences which may put hurdles in the way of success, growth and prosperity.

    We suggest the suitable Vedic astrological remedies as per your stars and provide solution through Vedic astrology yantra and gems duly purified with the auspicious mantras which will solve your problems by systematic way and enhance the positive aura and remove the evil obstructions in the lives.

    Knowledge and spiritual powers is required for these astrological totke / remedies to exert their full effects otherwise when used improperly they only increase the problems.

    TOTKAS/ Remedies For .

    1. Totke to get pregnant

    2. Totke For unemployment

    3. Totke For Foreign Tour

    4. Totke To get rid of diseases

    5. Totke To get relief from negative energy

    6. Totke For intelligence

    7. Totke To solve grahakalesh

    8. Totke For House evacuation

    9. Totke To start a new business

    10. Totke For anger control

    11. Totke For Successful life

    12. Totke For Money / wealth

    13. Totke For Wining Court Cases

    14. Totke For Wining over Enemeies

    15. Totke For Higher education

    16. Totke For Success in competitive examination/professional examinations

    17. Totke For getting a good job

    18. Totke For ancestoral property

    19. Totke For increase love between husband wife

    20. Totke For love affair

    21. Totke To solve health issue

    22. Totke For founding lost money

    23. Totke For promotion in job

    24. Totke To control your boss

    25. Totke To clear the debt /loan

    26. Totke For successful interview

    27. Totke To bring prosperity in your business

    28. Totke To save your movable/immovable property from theft

    29. Totke To get the money back from close relative

    30. Totke To explore business

    31. Totke For happy married life

    32. Totke To be happy in your in-laws house

    33. Totke For vashikaran

    34. Totke To save from heart diseases

    35. Totke To save form jaundice

    36. Totke To prevent ourselves from black magic.

    37. Totke To get relief from fear and phobia
    1. Totke For getting marriage early

    2. Totke To save from sudden death

    3. Totke For navgraha

    4. Totke For promotion

    5. Totke For concentration

    6. Totke For manokamna purti ke liye

    7. Totke To save ourselves from accident

    8. Totke To solve difference between husband and wife.

    9. TotkeTo get relief from fear and phobia


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  • Mantra Remedies

    Mantra is a divine combination of divine syllables or sounds which when chanted with devotion,faith and emotion gravitate the concerned God or Goddess or deity and secure their divine

    blessings, Mantras got their origin from the Vedas of India . Mantra contains two words - "man" which means "to think" (also in manas "mind") The second syllable is drawn from the Sanskrit word "trai" meaning to "protect" or to "free from." Tantric etymology suggests that it is something which protects the mind .

    Mantras are also integrated in religious rituals to remove obstacles, avoid danger, reduce foes, or accumulate wealth. Mantras are energy-based sounds and sound is reverberating in everything in this universe and sound has enormous power, in fact it has the power to create an entire universe. It is written that God originally manifested as sound. Mantras create thought-energy waves . Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form, Mantra create a powerful vibration which heal the mind and body of human being which is proven since ancient days .

    It is important to pronounce the mantra properly with an understanding of its meaning. Improper pronunciation of Mantra can inflict losses. So, one should be careful while chanting mantra .

    Proper mantras need the proper guidance according to the problems . We will perfectly guide you suitable mantras with correct method to release you from all the problems.

    Mantra will surely help you if you have any of the query/ problem.

    Mantra for fear of death and fear of being alone .

    Mantra for getting a good job.

    Mantra to Solve depression

    Mantra for wining competition.

    Mantra to become a famous in glamour world

    Mantra for love between couple.

    Mantra for acquiring education

    Mantra For `all Round Pleasure

    Mantra for acquiring wealth

    Mantra for higher Education .

    Mantra for happiness .

    Mantra for relief from enemies

    Mantra for success in examination

    Mantra for attainment of Pleasure

    Mantra for achievement of wealth

    Mantra for getting rid of ailments

    Mantra for wealth Pleasure

    Mantra for Vashikaran

    Mantra for control of epilepsy

    Mantra for curing big diseases (Epidemics)

    Mantra for controlling jaundice

    Mantra for controlling piles

    Mantra for cure of fear / Phobia.

    Mantra for getting a good husband

    Mantra for getting a good wife

    Mantra for getting all round success

    Mantra for getting blessed with son and acquiring wealth

    Mantra for getting pleasure in life

    Mantra for getting rid of all kinds of adversities

    Mantra for getting rid of fear

    Mantra for getting rid of Incurable Diseases

    Mantra for increasing profits in business

    Mantra for Longevity and getting rid of Ailments

    Mantra for peace of ancestors

    Mantra for pregnancy

    Mantra for protecting oneself

    Mantra for good birth of child

    Mantra for protection of pregnancy

    Mantra to solve unexpected crisis.

    Mantra to make happy to your ishtadev.

    Graho ki chaal will help you to find a suitable mantra along with proper guidance ( Day , Time , Facing side ) to chant mantras.

    Ask for Mantra Remedies

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  • Protection from Black Magic

    Protect yourself from black magic .
    Black Magic , is a Magic that is performed for the benefit of self or the whole mass . Black Magic or in Hindu (Hinduism) also known as Kaala Jaadu and the process are known as Jaadu Tona or Tona Totka .

    How do you know someone has done black magic on you.

    Black magic puts a block on a person’s wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the issue go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with poor dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.

    Graho ki chaal will guide you to protect yourself from black magic.

    If you feel that you are a prey of black magic by your relatives or your enemies.

    Consult us.

    We have a simple solution for you.

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  • Lal kitab Prediction

    Lal Kitab is a amazing branch of Vedic astrology. The remedies suggested in Lal Kitab are very effective in solving all kinds of problem .

    Graho ki chaal will go through horoscope in accordance with Lal-Kitab, of an individual, and then we will suggest unique remedial measures , to solve chronic and critical problems in day to day life.These remedies are too simple to be explained in detail and too easy to be understood by any individual.

    Lal Kitab provide simply remedies to number of problemone can be benefited through lal kitab.

    Graho ki chaal will help you through lal kitab if you have some problem listed here .

    Finance Problem :

    If you get cheated by someone of your own.

    If suddenly poverty comes in.

    If one become addicted.

    If one become poor in old age.

    If expenses increase without any reason.

    If money starts getting spent on wrong things.

    If sudden Financial crisis gets created.

    If one spend more money in legal suits etc.

    If Business gets ruined.

    If obtain loss in the business related to lottery, share market or gambling.

    If suffer from sorrows inspite of having wealth.

    If loss of property and land gets started.

    General Problem :

    If there is a continuous quarrel between mother and daughter in law.

    If younger brother becomes an enemy..

    If friends of wife and son start creating problems for you.

    If gold gets lost or stolen.

    If studies get stopped.

    If People start spreading rumours about you.

    If not interested in work related to mind usage.

    If a person Mouth always remains full with saliva.

    If there are regular incidents of fire in your house.

    If one mind is weak.

    If one is unable to perform any work because of cowardness coming the the way.

    If Sense of feeling gets lost.

    If there is destruction in the family.

    If any kind of blame gets imposed

    If smelling sense gets lost.

    If the skin of the body starts becoming infectious or some skin diseases surround you.

    Problem Related to Marriage :

    If there are obstacles in the birth of a child.

    If there are quarrels with the wife without any reason.

    If circumstances shape towards a divorce.

    If one have Problems in married life.

    If relation with another woman gets established.

    If health of wife gets deteriorated or she suffers from some mental disease.

    If there is Problems from children or marriage.

    If problems arise in your marriage.

    If sudden problems arising at maternal's or wife's house.

    Anyone can consult with graho ki chaal for Lal Kitab Astrological Remedies, Remedies for your business problem, remedies for your child's career, remedies for your employment opportunity and promotion, remedies for marriage problem etc .

    Consult us :

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  • Know your Future

    Graho ki chaal provide accurate prediction and a detailed analysis of the impacts of different planets on your life through your horoscope and suggest you remedies that will help you to achieve peace, prosperity, good health and Success.
    With the guidance of Vedic astrology, you can know the good and not so good trends for Life, Love, Money, Health, Career, Business, Travel and a lot more. In the report, we will also mention your strengths & weaknesses. This will give you an insight into your own personality, You can know the traits in your personality that you can use to your advantage and the traits that you need to correct.
    Graho ki chaal will predict :
    • What best you can do in your career
    • When you will get your Favorite job?
    • Will you be a businessman?
    • When you will get married?
    • Will you be able to open a different source of income and how come?

    • Including
    • All Important events in your life
    • All Important events in your family
    • Your Health
    • Yantra for Luck , future.
    • Warnings about possible problem bad days, like accidents, Loss in property and the solution for the same
    • Dashas and Remedies

    • Consult Now :
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  • Daily TIPS

    Get tips Daily 
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