Gemstone For Growth

One can placate or modify the influence of planets by wearing the corresponding gemstone, carved in the correct shape, worn on the correct finger, and set in the correct metal.  Wear it for the first time on the recommended day or the week for that planet along with correct mantra.

From the ancient times, our sages suggested remedial measures for countering malefic effects f planets and proportions of malefic planetary influences and or counteracting any particular malefic effect.

Graho ki chall will suggest you a proper gem stone, as one can’t not wear any gemstone a proper recommendation along with energization is necessary.


If you are interested to become a successful

If you are interested to buy a property

If you want a good health .

If you are interested to attract sources of positive energy with money

Graho ki chaal will guide you a proper time ,day mantra to wear specific gemstone .

Consult for the best suitable gem stone for you .


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