Astrology For Foreign Travel

In ancient time,   People used to believe to cross the seas and go to a foreign country was a great sin. In the case of Brahmin persons, religious ritual of cleansing called “Prayaschitt and Shuddhi” used to be performed by Brahmin priests and some  amount of   money, cattle, gold and silk clothes were collected from the person who returned from a visit to any foreign country as Dakshina (honorarium-fees). Travel in ancient times was permitted for pilgrimages only.

Now a days the reasons for foreign travel and migration of persons are different. Number of people have dream to visit foreign countries for different reason most of them are interested to settle there,  where some of them interested to visit their choice destination at least once in their lifetime.

Graho ki chaal will help you to calculate your chances and right remedies for foreign travel.

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