Corporate Astrology

Today’s environment number of corporate houses and multinational companies have started taking help from vedic astrology to maximize their efforts for global leadership.

As we know every individual have a different planetary combination so the effect of nakashtra is different on different individual.

Corporate astrology work on different module which include vedic astrology , numerology , vastu and remedies to get the desired result of the company .

After in-depth study of birth chart of important people and Vastu of office location graho ki chaal will provide company’s /multinational a perfect remedies for success in coming time .

Graho ki chaal will advice about ,

Auspicious Muhurta for Product launch / Signing a big deal .

Suggestion and remedies to make a loss making company to profitable company .

Golden time of business.

Mental peace and decision making capacity.

Adverse phase leading to losses or leakage of profit or slow progress and remedies.

Partnership is good or not/ partner is loyal or not .

Including Employee Report :

Whenever you hire a employeegraho ki chaal will provide report of that individual whether he .

- is worth ,is destined to succeed in life. is honest, mentally and emotionally stable,

- is professionally inclined.

- is hardworking, growth oriented and competent/or... is a greedy and selfish & corporate jumper.

Business-related astrological queries is endless, the above-mentioned facets being merely illustrative of the possibilities.

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