Graho ki chaal provide accurate prediction and a detailed analysis of the impacts of different planets on your life through your horoscope and suggest you remedies that will help you to achieve peace, prosperity, good health and Success.

With the guidance of Vedic astrology, you can know the good and not so good trends for Life,  Love, Money, Health, Career, Business, Travel and a lot more. In the report, we will also mention your strengths & weaknesses. This will give you an insight into your own personality, You can know the traits in your personality that you can use to your advantage and the traits that you need to correct..

Graho ki chaal will predict :


  • What best you can do in your career
  • When you will get your Favorite job?
  • Will you be a businessman?
  • When you will get married?
  • Will you be able to open a different source of income and how come?

    • Including

  • All  Important events in your life
  • All  Important events in your  family
  • Your Health
  • Yantra for Luck , future.
  • Warnings about  possible problem bad days, like accidents, Loss in property and the solution for the same
  • Dashas and Remedies
  • Your Applicable yogas like Rajyogas, Malavya yoga etc
  • Any other detail that you want to know


Price Per Question : ₹ 99
Discount : 0 %
No. of Questions :
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