Muhurtha is a time most auspicious for an occasion or commencement of an activity to get the success in that particular activity without any hurdles/barriers.

Muhurta is calculated by keeping a lots of thing in consideration nature of activity, horoscope of the person, planetary position, lunar day ,Nakshatra yog and tithi.

Muhurta is really important and that’s the reason we are using it since 1000 years . Muhurta can changes one’s destiny .

Graho ki chaal will predicts the most favourable for all these events.

Starting new business

Launching a new range of product in the market

For wedding or marriage

For sale/purchase of new property

For beginning the construction of the new property.

For shifting to new home

For name ceremony of the child

For the thread ceremony of your son

Applying a visa to foreign travel

Starting a new job

filing claims, filing a legal case

purchase of a new machine / new vehicle

partnership alliances

Making new investment


any other event you would like to ask.

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