Pregnancy Prediction

Children are god gift, every married couple has a dream to have lovely child and bring up a family, sometimes medical science does not help at all in progeny related matters though every reports are normal.  Through vedic term there are some planetary positions which is responsible for that . A knowledgeable astrologer can study the birth chart of an individual and guide him/her a proper remedies to have a lovely child.


Graho ki chaal will help you to find solution for some of these queries.

Query regarding delayed birth of child in the horoscope of Male or Female or both ?

Query about the number of children will you have .


Remedies for getting a child in your life.


The strength of Male as well as Female's horoscope regarding progeny.


Remedies  to have good and healthy child.


Remedies to minimize ill effects of concerned planets


Birth of child and its periods.


Protection remedies to avoid abortion or miscarriage.


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