Totka is a part of the Indian healing system for ages . It is a simple Solution to solve any problem . there are certain ‘totkas’ which help the person to overcome the negative effects come on the way of his happiness and enables him to get wealth, job, progress, education and to bring out the smooth relations with others even if it is not there in the destiny. These are very simple methods and its only require your faith.

Just as a person can get incarnation by performing ‘yagya’ (Hawan), the same way, by performing certain ‘totkas’, he can defeat  the negative influences which may put hurdles in the way of success, growth and prosperity.

We suggest the suitable Vedic astrological remedies as per your stars and provide solution through Vedic astrology yantra and gems duly purified with the auspicious mantras which will solve your problems by systematic way and enhance the positive aura and remove the evil obstructions in the lives.

Knowledge and spiritual powers is required for these astrological totke / remedies to exert their full effects otherwise when used improperly they only increase the problems.

TOTKAS/ Remedies For .

  1. Totke to get pregnant

  2. Totke For unemployment

  3. Totke For Foreign Tour

  4. Totke To get rid of diseases

  5. Totke To get relief from negative energy

  6. Totke For intelligence

  7. Totke To solve grahakalesh

  8. Totke For House evacuation

  9. Totke To start a new business

  10. Totke For anger control

  11. Totke For Successful life

  12. Totke For Money / wealth

  13. Totke For Wining Court Cases

  14. Totke For Wining over Enemeies

  15. Totke For Higher education

  16. Totke For Success in competitive examination/professional examinations

  17. Totke For getting a good job

  18. Totke For ancestoral property

  19. Totke For increase love between husband wife

  20. Totke For love affair

  21. Totke To solve health issue

  22. Totke For founding lost money

  23. Totke For promotion in job

  24. Totke To control your boss

  25. Totke To clear the debt /loan

  26. Totke For successful interview

  27. Totke To bring prosperity in your business

  28. Totke To save your movable/immovable property from theft

  29. Totke To get the money back from close relative

  30. Totke To explore business

  31. Totke For happy married life

  32. Totke To be happy in your in-laws house

  33. Totke For vashikaran

  34. Totke To save from heart diseases

  35. Totke To save form jaundice

  36. Totke To prevent ourselves from black magic.

  37. Totke To get relief from fear and phobia
  1. Totke For getting marriage early

  2. Totke To save from sudden death

  3. Totke For navgraha

  4. Totke For promotion

  5. Totke For concentration

  6. Totke For manokamna purti ke liye

  7. Totke To save ourselves from accident

  8. Totke To solve difference between husband and wife.

  9. TotkeTo get relief from fear and phobia


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