About Us

Shri Ganeshaya Namah


 GURU JI  is born in a very religious and intellectual family . As a child he would often watch his grandfather offering advice to yajman’s ( Clients ), Being born in Brahmin family  the knowledge of astrology has been flowing through heredity of his family.

He is highest devotee of Mata ji and Lord SHIVA. He has spiritual power to know the future and can predict accurately.   He is a holistic  astrologer   who advises on all aspects of life career, love and marriage, finance, business , numerology, vastu etc. he provide   remedial measures on all problems through yantra, tantra and mantra . His accurate predictions continue to amaze people; many people have been benefited from his deep experience and profound scientific Vedic knowledge.

He  will  answer Each and every possible question of yours and will provide solution as per the problem.

He  firmly believe that a proper astrological advice can change one’s destiny.  One can take precaution through certain remedies to protect themselves against misfortune.

Try and feel the difference between his accurate prediction and the other services listed here.